Going Home

"Going Home"

- 10/11/20 -

Jesus had died, but now He had risen!  He appeared to Mary.  The rescuer was alive!

Jesus' followers had heard about the empty tomb where Jesus' body had been laid only days earlier.  But they didn't know Jesus was alive.  The women came and told them what they had heard from an angel about Jesus being alive.  Then Mary spoke to them.  Still, they were confused and not convinced.  Until Jesus walked in the room to prove He was alive!

The disciples could hardly believe what they were seeing.  Their friend Thomas had not been there when Jesus showed up, and he refused to believe until Jesus showed Himself to him.  Jesus was gracious enough to do so.  Then, they all believed and it would change their lives forever.  If you believe in Jesus, your life can be changed as well!

Today's Story: "Going Home"

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Read the Story for Yourself!

Take a sec to read the story directly from God's Word!  You can find it in Mark 16.

A great way to read it is in the International Children's BIble (ICB) translation.  It's a simple and accurate Bible translation designed for kids.  Adults, like me, like it too!

Click here to read Mark 16 in the ICB on Bible Gateway. 

Click here to buy the same ICB Prayer Bible that I use to prep for lessons!


Verse for the Week

"Christ died for sins once for all, to bring you to God."

1 Peter 3:18


Sample Prayer

Father, Jesus rose again and rescued the whole world!  What great news!  Help me share that news with others this week. 



Review Activity

Click above to access the review activity for this week's lesson. It might be a good idea to print this out and complete it mid-week to help remember the lesson!


"I have rescued the whole world!"

On the top of the highest hill in Jerusalem, Jesus told His disciples to tell everyone the happy news.  Jesus had rescued the whole world!  

Then, Jesus rose up--higher and higher.  And He was gone...

Jesus' friends went back to Jerusalem knowing that Jesus would never them but would be with them always and forever!  Something amazing was about to happen to the disciples.  It would help them tell people all over the world about Jesus.

If you know that Jesus has rescued the world, tell everyone the happy news!  Shout Jesus' name!  Look to Jesus all your days!


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