KIDS Worship

Ministry Leaders: Mark Lindgren, Heather Pierce, and Ashley Magnani

KIDS Worship is provided for ages 5 years through 5th grade. We meet in the worship area for music at 10:30am each Sunday for approximately 15 minutes, and then they will be led by adults to their appropriate mission area.  The kids can appreciate this fun, loving, and Christ-centered program designed just for them, and so will their parents.

KIDS Worship is also now available online! Visit

More Information

  • Registration Form - If you would like to register your child(ren) for KIDS Worship, please click here to print the form and bring to one of the Ministry Leaders during Sunday Worship. Thank you!
  • Ministry Overview - If you would like to serve in this exciting ministry, or just want to know more about what takes place each week, please click here to view the KIDS Worship Ministry Overview.

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  March 2020  
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