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04/12/2020: The Teeny-Weenie True King

God's people had made it into the Promised Land! God had won their battles through the warrior leader Joshua. Joshua showed the courage to follow God's ways, even when it was not easy.



04/05/2020: The Warrior Leader

God's people reached the edge of the promised land. It had been an unexpectedly LONG journey. 40 years! It didn't have to be that long... But the Israelites would not stop complaining. They were not interested in trusting God.


03/29/2020: Ten Ways to Be Perfect

God's people were free! They were free from slavery and oppression in Egypt. They were free to follow God's pillar toward the land promised to Abraham. They were free to... well, complain...



03/22/2020: God Makes A Way

God's people were slaves in Egypt, but God had rescued them from slavery! Though Pharaoh refused to listen to the first nine warnings, the tenth made him listen. In all the land, every firstborn son died. Pharaoh's own oldest son died. But, God's people, things were different. God told them to kill a lamb instead. The lamb's blood was painted...

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