Treasure Hunt

"Treasure Hunt" - 8/16/20

When Jesus taught, people could sit there and listen for hours upon hours.  Not even hunger could stop them from listening to Jesus.  He taught like no one that they had ever heard.  And one of the things He liked to teach about most was the Kingdom of God.

Through His teaching, Jesus was showing people things about God that they had never understood.  He was like a light shining through the darkness so that they could see clearly.

Jesus' teaching is still like a light shining in the darkness.  Jesus said, "I am the light of the world!"  As You follow Jesus, you can show people what Jesus is like and that He is worth following!



Jesus was a master teacher. He loved to teach people about the kingdom of God through simple stories.

Today's Story: "Filled Full"

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Coming home to God is a great treasure!


Read the Story for Yourself!

Take a sec to read the story directly from God's Word!  You can find it in Matthew 13.

A great way to read it is in the International Children's BIble (ICB) translation.  It's a simple and accurate Bible translation designed for kids.  Adults, like me, like it too!

Click here to read Matthew 13 in the ICB on Bible Gateway. 

Click here to buy the same ICB Prayer Bible that I use to prep for lessons!



Extra Time

Jesus told many long stories about God's kingdom, but He also told some short gems!


Verse for the Week

With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible..

Matthew 19:26


Sample Prayer

           Father God, knowing You is a great treasure!  Jesus made a way for me to know You, by giving up His life for me!  Help me to surrender my heart and my life every day to Him.



Review Activity

Click here to access the review activity for this week's lesson. It might be a good idea to print this out and complete it mid-week to help remember the lesson!


Coming home to God is a great treasure!

A treasure hidden in a field.  A pearl of great price.  Coming home to God was much more valuable than that!

Even before the terrible lie, God planned to make a way for His people to come home to Him.  That way was through Jesus.  It was a way that would cost a lot: everything!  People would have to surrender their whole lives to Jesus.  But being forgiven by God and loved by Him forever is worth the cost!

If You surrender to Jesus, you can come home to God.  You can be a child of God  and be a part of His family forever!