The Sun Stops Shining

"The Sun Stops Shining"

- 10/04/20 -

Jesus had been arrested by the important people like He was a criminal.  But He had never done anything wrong!  What was going on?

The important people wanted to kill Jesus, so they took Jesus to the Romans.  The Roman soldiers made fun of Jesus.  They made a crown out of painful thorns and pressed the thorns into Jesus head.  Then they gave Him a robe and laughed at him.

What was going on?  Why was Jesus letting this happen?  He did things no one had ever seen and he was letting a couple of soldiers make fun of Him?

The Roman leader was confused by Jesus.  Jesus wasn't begging for His life, like any other prisoner would.  In fact, it felt like Jesus was the one in charge when the two men talked.  But Jesus was led away from there to be killed on a cross.

It was all too horrible.  How could God let this happen?

Because it was all part of His plan from the very beginning.

From Adam and Eve, we chose to disobey.  But God had a never-stopping, never-giving-up, unbreaking, always and forever love for His people!  So God sent His Son to take our punishment.


Today's Story: "The Sun Stops Shining"

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Read the Story for Yourself!

Take a sec to read the story directly from God's Word!  You can find it in Mark 15.

A great way to read it is in the International Children's BIble (ICB) translation.  It's a simple and accurate Bible translation designed for kids.  Adults, like me, like it too!

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Verse for the Week

"Christ died for sins once for all, to bring you to God."

1 Peter 3:18


Sample Prayer

Jesus, thank You for taking all the anger toward my sin.  Thank You for dying where I should have died.  Thank You for saving me, so that I can know my Father in Heaven.



Review Activity

Click above to access the review activity for this week's lesson. It might be a good idea to print this out and complete it mid-week to help remember the lesson!


"It is finished."

When Jesus said these words, He had done it.  He had rescued the whole world.

It was something no one else could.  Jesus was the only one who was strong enough to take our sins on His shoulders.  Only the perfect Son of God could die in our place so that we could be saved from being separated from God forever.

You can celebrate that Jesus is strong enough to take your sin away!  Because God's love is so strong, He sent Jesus so that people like you and me can be saved from sin!